Wednesday, April 25, 2018


We had a cold and long winter this year. It's been snowing and cold.
It's hard to get things ready for a garden when winter doesn't want to leave. In over 30+ years I have never seen snow on Easter. Cold yes, but come on snow? The ground was covered! Funny thing is we should of hid white eggs as opposed to the colored eggs. Change things up.

It's like laying in bed and the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, it's 70+ degrees outside and the furnace is turned off.
Ya know spring has sprung!
Well, actually on our homestead it's roosters crowing, dogs barking, birds hitting our glass windows and the furnace is turned off. The first part sounded better.

 The grass turns green and starts to grow.
We are working on our mower this year.

 Time to start collecting the dandelions.

 Hawthorn Tree is like the first tree to be bursting blooms for the honey bees.

 The chives are ready!
Chives don't mess around.

Herbs start sprouting up again.

 Lettuce loves cooler weather.
Not long before we start eating this stuff.

 Wild flowers start blooming.
Winter can't hold them back when they are ready.

The garlic I got in late last year.
Yep it is growing. 

It's getting closer to start getting the garden in. But for now I will enjoy the little buds that are emerging from the ground all on it's own. God is good!