Saturday, June 17, 2017


It's been a busy summer so far.
Been working in the garden and helping the girls with their 4-H projects. Lots getting done and lots still to do. Here is a quick update and other happenings that have been going on at the homestead.

Moving the wood pile.

Took 2 pickup loads to move it to its new spot.

A team effort got this restacked to its new location.

Them darn chickens!
Who wanted them? Oh wait that was me. 
Them chickens kept coming over and tearing up my herb beds. So we put up chicken wire and lattice. 

Chicken wire on the Hen House side.

The finished project.

Tim had taken another tree down by the pond and tree trimming.

We got a wonderful LOAD of mulch!
This makes us happy!

Storm and Thunder

Lightning and Bolt

After having 12 kittens in the barn we are down to the last 4.

These two the girls are keeping.
Mocha and Bandit

Squirt AKA Caramel had 4 kittens.

The girls worked on the Duck Inn sign.

I got the gate painted. I still need to put the stars on it.

 Skylar is taking cake decorating for 4-H.
These are some cupcakes she has been decorating.
BTW they tasted really good.

Kaitlin is taking geology for 4-H.
She is gluing her sides on her display box.

 Tim is helping her with the back for it.

 The girls are taking outdoor adventures that require them to go camping for 4-H.
So here they are camping and getting ready to make some smores. Ya can't have a campfire without making smores.

A beautiful sunset by the fire and lake.

Kaitlin is taking quilting for 4-H.
She is working on one of her last projects.

Skylar is taking sewing for 4-H.
She is working on her last project.

The girls helped with their 4-H group to plant a butterfly garden by the lake. The girls are making the layout of what is planted where.

Kaitlin planting

Skylar digging

It's been soooo hot here the girls made their own pool.
City girls for sure gone Country!

 ~Garden Update~

Blackberries are gonna keep us busy when they ripe.



Raspberries are looking good.
Thinking I might need to put a net over them as I have been seeing birds on them.

Better late then not.
Got the beans soaking before putting them in the ground.

We put the beans here.

Look here after a couple of days (2) the beans are already sprouting.

We all worked on de-weeding the garden and laying down mulch.
Varieties of lettuces, kale, carrots, and beets.

Three different types of onions, cabbages, broccoli, green peppers and banana peppers.

Zucchini, squash, watermelon, melon, and grape vines.
We sure are gonna be busy preserving all this when they are ready.
Our pantry is almost bare now.

We are still working on our mint herb garden.
Kaitlin made these signs to put with our mint plants to help identify them.

It's been a busy several weeks and not much time to work on the computer. Most nights we come in and take showers after a hot and sweaty day and go to bed to do it all over again. The days are long and hot but its worth it. Thanks for coming along to catch up with our homestead.