Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Remember the pile of firewood the girls and I got moved this summer? We just kept adding to the pile.

We moved it from here.

 To here!

A friend of ours let us borrow his log splitter.
This makes the job easier. At some point we will need to invest in one.

Tim is getting the logs split and stacked on pallets.

Look at the pile now. He is seriously getting it done.

He added more pallets to keep stacking.

Looking good!

The girls and I finished up our projects and came to help Tim.

Team work!

Skylar and Kaitlin got a load of logs from the woods.

 Remember those bags of apples some friends picked up for us?
The girls have been eating some of them. The rest is going dehydrated. Yum!

 Update on Sweetheart -
She is doing great. She is back with the rest of the hens.
Both feet are healed.

 She is just happy to be out of the cage.

 The other day it rained here and lots of wind and cold.
Tim noticed one of the turkeys wasn't doing good and had blood on her head. Looks like a gash and she was running a fever. So we brought her into the hen house and got the heat light on to dry her as she was shivering. Got her some medicine in her water. We will check on her in the morning.

 It's been a couple of days and she is eating well and drinking. We have been putting medicine on her head 3X's a day. She is all dry and looking good.

 As you can see her head is all scabbed up now.
She is very active and probably ready to go. We will leave her in for another week to make sure she is healed before adding her back with the other turkey's.

 This is a cherry tomato plant. I don't know if you can see all the flowering on this but it isn't ready to die yet. Tons of tomatoes on the bottom area.

I gathered up a basket of herbs to put in the dehydrator.
Filled it up with:
Lemon Balm

Once it is dried I will gather up another big batch.