Saturday, November 17, 2018


Come along on some nice days and nights around here on the homestead.

Yes that is a chicken. She is drenched in wood ash.
Why you ask?
She came up and told me she had some kind of mites on her. She was loving this spa treatment.

Marking stuff off of our list - Pool is shut down.

Scout doesn't like to share the water.

Doesn't he look fancy!
I don't have a name for him yet.
Been calling him prettyboy but not sure if I like it.

Kaitlin was out kayaking on a fairly nice day.

It looked like so much fun, I had to too!

I had my Summit classes this week.
Looks like I will be making more tinctures.

A beautiful evening. Every night is.
I don't think I could ever tired of this view.

My first hot chocolate of the season.
I got cold enough this evening for a cup.