Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Tim got started early this morning working on the fencing for the new garden area. Last week we all discussed how big the garden should be. Two posts already in the ground.

Tim is making a few adjustments to use the auger and get posts in on this side of the garden. It will be combining the Vineyard garden to the Big Garden area. 

All the kids are helping to get the posts and tools needed closer to the job.

Packing down the dirt.

We need to remove three trees in the path of the fencing.
 One tree

 Two trees

 I was inside making lunch when the third tree went down.

Got the wood all stacked.
Branches we will use for mulching.

Getting the second post in place.

Kaitlin helping to put the brace pin in the post.

That sucks!
Can't say much more than that!

Tim and Skylar worked on the bracing wire.

The third post is being dug out.

I got to dig out for the other post. 
We all do a job.

Kaitlin and Skylar are putting in the metal T posts.

EmilyMae and Isabella Grace are enjoying a break/snack.

Putting in the second bracing.

Kaitlin and Skylar working on driving the T posts in.
Somewhere in this time I went in to make dinner for this hardworking crew. 

The fence has to go in tonight.
While we were inside shortly after dinner, one of our cows (One-Eared) broke through the string and the rest of the cows decided to join her. They were feasting on everything and trampling my garlic.
Darn Cows!

So everyone was working to get this fencing up.
No rest until this is done.

Tim got about 180 feet of the fencing up temporarily and had put the electric fence up to the rest of it. This will keep them cows out until morning. 

This morning Tim got started working all the kids except one. Isabella and I went to the farm store for a few more supplies.

It seems like them kids take lots of breaks.
I packed up snacks in bags for them. This way if they were hungry I wouldn't have to stop and go get something 5 x's.

Tim and I worked on the wire bracing and then Skylar helped Tim get the fencing attached.

The longest part is done.
It looks good, but I think we should put a gate in. Tim said he didn't want a easy access with the animals or other critters to get in. I agree.

We still need to put in the T posts on this side.

Perfect timing, Mr. B shows up with the hay.
Always good to see him and the cows get excited too!

It don't take the cows long before they surround you.

Fencing will be done tonight. Not bad for a weekend and putting in 5 post, taking out 3 trees, and running over 250 feet of fencing and caring for grandchildren.
Fencing looks good and now we just need to start planting.

Chicks were to start hatching tomorrow, but we always have a early bird.

~~Thanks for coming along on our weekend ~~